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Established in 2009 and led by Fabio Rossi who has over 20 years of property development experience, PSA Group has a strong history of property development success. We are a privately owned, award-winning boutique residential property development company working across Australia, with our head office in Victoria.

Led by visionary and property developer Fabio Rossi, our team combines research with natural instinct to identify hotspots poised for growth. We then design and deliver exactly the right property offering to capture the attention of buyers and investors alike.

We partner with the best architects, construction teams, legal, finance and project marketing professionals to deliver exceptional outcomes from start to finish.

We practice functional design and incorporate the very best local and international design trends. Our developments are not only known for their quality and market relevance long-term, they are acclaimed for their investment value, capital growth and ability to sustain market demand through all property cycles.

We don’t hesitate to seize opportunities quickly and act to capitalise upon them, delivering great benefit to all stakeholders. Projects have been successfully delivered in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, and range in size and scale from three to 40 townhouses or apartments.