Invest with PSA Group



Investing in property can be very rewarding. At PSA Group, for select private investors, we offer the opportunity  to step up from traditional methods and to step into a model that allows you to purchase property at wholesale prices, and to receive the many benefits that come from this form or direct property development investment.

As residential property developers with over 25 years in the industry, and an innate ability to capitalise on property hotspots and deliver product that the market wants, PSA Group is the right direct property development investment partner.

The opportunities we offer for investment are limited. However, they all provide you with the excitement and returns associated with direct property development.

So, whether you are a first time investor looking to kick-start your future success, someone wanting to grow your property portfolio, or a retiree feeling disappointed with the returns you’re currently receiving on the money you have invested – direct involvement in property development is worth considering.

Talk to us about your goals and to learn more about our investment opportunities. Then seek the advice of a financial planner before deciding if the offer is right for you.

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